Condes warning 15 Oct 2015 15:34 UTC
RE: Condes warning 15 Oct 2015 16:32 UTC

RE: Condes warning 15 Oct 2015 16:32 UTC

 BTW the reason I mention this is that it could cause problems if you have an imminent event.

Long term though I'd always encourage updating whenever available.

Possible problems include:
1. One of your co-event officials can't/doesn't want to update - for instance my Controller for the NW Sprints last year only had a dial-up modem and so only ever did upgrades using a memory stick from a friend's computer. I'd updated Condes (since it had features in it I needed/had asked for) and he then wouldn't/couldn't so I had to send him PDFs instead.
2. There is a slight chance that different versions might display things slightly differently - for instance for Eastham I noticed that my Condes version didn't look like the rendering of the OCAD that OCAD itself did. So if you and another co-event official or the Printer might be seeing things differently
3. There is also the chance of a Condes bug which messes something up, so if you are well down the track to finishing things off then encourage your co-officials to wait till the event has taken place.



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> Note the following in the "what's changed / Version History" for the latest
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> "This version uses a file format that is not compatible with previous versions"
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