Bramhall Park tomorrow: final message Chris Kirkham 30 Mar 2012 09:14 UTC

Apologies for yet another message to you all - but I promise this is the
last on this topic from me. Three things:

1) If you are coming, please remember there will be a box to collect
   Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers.

2) The white course is "wheelchair friendly"!

3) Vicky, the planner, assures me that this event will be good relay
   practice for the JK with the long sprint incorporating two butterfly loops
   and full use of all of the park.  "Full focus on your race will be required
   (with plenty of distraction from other competitors) as the gaffled courses
   incorporate lots of changes of direction and therefore quick, sharp thinking
   will be required to snatch a victory!"

Hope to see you there - even if it is rather cooler than recently.

Chris Kirkham